Health Tourism


     H&C Health Tourism is a UK-based medical travel facilitator that works in partnership with experienced Turkish medical service providers to offer high-quality, low-cost surgical and medical treatment in Turkey.

  • Patients are fully supported throughout their time in Turkey and have the reassurance of a UK-based liaison service.
  • H&C Health Tourism co-ordinates all aspects of accessing treatment in Turkey, from identifying the most suitable hospital and doctor in each individual case, through planning flights, accommodation and sightseeing, to aftercare once back in the UK.
  • H&C Health Tourism assists the patients in the interpretership servises.
  • H&C Health Tourism plans every detail of your transportation to&from the airport.
  • The patients are made an interview by our Turkish Doctors via online about your treatment before making final decision so you can contact your doctor in advance and choose your doctor. This facility will be a free of charge service of our company.
  • H&C Health Tourism does its best to help you through your stay in Turkey so everything goes smoothly and you leave happy.