Health Tourism


     H&C Health Tourism Ltd is the leading doctor's led multidisciplinary Health Tourism Consultancy company. H&C Health Tourism Ltd is providing high-quality private health services as part of the International Health Tourism sector.
     H&C Health Tourism Ltd will identify patients to travel to Turkey for treatments in dental surgery, hair transplants, plastic surgery and other medical services. H&C Health Tourism Ltd ambition is to support high quality health for all – now and in future generations using innovative solutions as an independent private healthcare provider.
     Demand for health care is increasing and evolving and use of new models of care is changing the way healthcare is delivered. H&C Health Tourism Ltd’s mission is to develop new models of innovative healthcare business support that provides enhanced integrated healthcare. By innovating H&C Health Tourism Ltd have the opportunity to provide transformational solutions for better co-ordinated care personalised for the individual with all health professionals working in partnership with the person to improve their health and wellbeing.

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