Health Tourism


     Turkey is one of the leading health bases of the world by its qualified human resources, competitive prices, advanced technology and evidence-based service provision at international standards. Health facilities in Turkey operate through the highest technology available in the world. Turkey is at only a 4-hour flight distance to around 1 billion people and 57 countries on a line from Ireland to India.Medical tourism is a relatively new type of tourism that has become more popular nowadays and Turkey has emerged as a popular place to offer global health standards at affordable  prices. Today, Turkey is one of  the best countries in the world for medical tourism and related treatment services. The main reasons for choosing Turkey as a medical destination are listed below.  

  • JCI-accredited medical centers and well-equipped hospitals
  • High quality of health services and technologies
  • Competitive prices
  • Hospitality and culture
  • Geographical location
  • Tourism infrastructure
  • Traditional, natural, historical, touristic attractions.

      The number of health tourists coming to Turkey continues to increase rapidly. Medical  tourists from many parts of the world, especially neighboring countries prefer Turkey. These countries include Iraq, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Middle East and Arab countries as well as many European  countries  (Russia, Greece, Ukraine, England, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria) Many institutions providing medical services in Turkey have qualified medical staff certified by the Turkish Medical Association. They are also members of specialized associations according to their field of expertise. Turkey is an increasingly recognized country in medical tourism and is now considered to be one of the top 10 medical tourism destinations in the world. Turkey ranks fourth in the global list for health tourism and third in terms of revenue from health tourism. The cost of medical services in Turkey is significantly lower than in advanced economies in USA and Europe. Besides the relatively low costs, due to the use of skilled doctors and advanced technology, Turkey has begun to take first place in the world in medical tourism.

     As a result, Turkey has a comparative advantage in terms of the variables and aims to be the leading country of the world in health tourism.