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Mersin Sistem Cerrahi Tip Merkezi
Mersin Sistem Cerrahi Tip Merkezi
Private Hospital Mersin / Turkey

     Our Mission: To offer high quality, preferred healthcare services to patients and patient relatives for 7/24 with specialized, innovative, educated, qualified and reliable staff who respect human rights, are committed to laws and ethical values and give priority to patient and employee satisfaction.

     Our Vision: To improve our preferred, trusted, leading and high quality healthcare services, which we have offered for 27 years, with scientific methods under light of modern ideas and to be the largest healthcare center in Mersin.

     Quality Policy: We preserve and maintain the satisfaction of the patients and their relatives at its highest point by the herebelow ideals.

     We commence by the principle of “being with SISTEM, stands for being healthy”, reliant unto   evidence-supported medical practices along with genuine and complete concept of medical services, minding the valid regulations, administrational practices and legal conditions. We increase the quality level and continuously keep an eye on quality assurance paradigm being under check and rising betterment of services, being reliant unto national and international standards and updated health services technology along with patients’ and their relatives’ suggestions. We contribute constituting the awareness among the patients and their relatives, suppliers and professional colleagues whilst materializing experimental continuity and increase awareness of our team encouraging them towards participational team-work.

     We embrace the quality as an unchangeable goal keeping it under check by ensuring the continuity of medical services in line with the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health.