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Batman Dunya Hospital
Batman Dunya Hospital
Private Hospital, Batman, Turkey

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit of the Ozel Batman Dunya Hospital provide services 24/7 with Heart and Cardiovascular Surgery and Anesthesia Specialists, expertise nurses, anesthesia technicians and portering personnel. In the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, our services include; coronary vessel artery disease, bypass surgery, heart valve diseases, large and small vessel occlusion surgery, vascular disease with laser technique, the surgery of varicose veins and capillary disease. Patients who have undergone surgery can usually be separated from their respiratory device after a period of 2-4 hours after surgery. The next day, these patients are usually transferred to single rooms of our inpatient service of Cardiovascular Surgery with a capacity of 16 beds.


In the Cardiology Department of Private Batman Dunya Hospital; we have been serving to patients who have vital risks such as heart attack, heart failure, the threat of heart attack in our emergency section with Coroner Care Unit which provides 24-hour service and with a team of experienced specialist doctors, nurses and anesthesia technicians. Echocardiography, Electrocardiogram (Stress ECG or Treadmill , Holter Devices (Ambulator  ECG), and CardiologyTechnology of Nuclear Medicine are used in our outpatient services. Emergency coronary angioplasty, balloon stent implantation, temporary and permanent pacemaker implantation are amongst our applied treatments.

Chest Diseases

The Chest Diseases Department of Batman Dunya Private Hospital successfully performs diagnosis and treatment regarding Pulmonary Diseases and Pulmonary Health with its international diagnosis and treatment facilities supported by our own laboratories, radiology and nuclear medicine units, equipped with the latest technological devices. Our hospital is at your service with its experienced staff in Interstitial Pulmonary Diseases, Pulmonary Emboli, which is a rare pulmonary disease, Lung cancer with early diagnosis and treatment, smoking-related COPD and Asthmatic-Allergic Diseases.

Gastroenterology And Hepatology

Within our hospital, important services at academic level in the field of Gastrointestinal System (stomachintestine) and hepatology (liver) (under the leadership of Associate Professor Doctor). Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Rectosigmoidoscopy and ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) procedures are performed in our Endoscopy Center. The main topics of interest include the following: Gastro esophageal reflux disease, peptic ulcer, gastritis, stomach cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, colon polyps and cancer, hemorrhoids, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, pancreatic pathology, gallbladder disease, etc. It is to be considered as the polypectomy procedure which is the removal of detected polyps; balloon dilatations which are the expansion of strictures in gastrointestinal system; hemostatic treatment for bleeding of ulcers or esophageal varices (saline+adrenaline injection to ulcers, band ligation or sclerotherapy to varices. All types of laboratory data that are used in the evaluation of issue to fight with Viral Hepatitis (Hepatitits B, Hepatitis C etc.)  which is the country’s major problems in Hepatology, are studied within our center.


Some of the featured treatments concerning Urology that are being implemented in our hospital, are as follows; both open and closed (endoscopic) surgical procedures in benign prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer and testicular cancer are implemented. In our hospital, PNL system in the treatment of kidney stones, ESWL and open surgery, endoscopy in ureteral stones are successfully used. Modern methods are used in the diagnosis and treatment of male sexual function and fertility disorders and infertility. The surgical and medical treatments of female and male incontinence disorders is one of interest to our urology department.

Internal Medicine

The Internal medicine department of Dunya Hospital is first applied in the outpatients clinic for undiagnosed patients. In our department, the diagnosis and treatments are applied successfully with the support of our laboratory radiology, nuclear medicine units which house the latest state of the art technology equipment for diagnosis and diagnostic treatment. In addition, early diagnosis of various cancer diseases are detected and rheumatic muscular-skeletal system diseases, hormonal diseases and lung diseases such as diabetes, goiter are treated.

General Surgery

In our General Surgery Department, advanced health care services are provided using modern medical technology in all areas of surgery. Our services include small surgical interventions conventional biopsy, needle biopsy, cyst-lymph node surgery, removal of skin cancer hemorrhoids, fissure, fistula and genital warts. The surgical interventions of inguinalbelly-stomach hernias, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, intestine are undertaken using the technique of laparoscopic in the operating room accompanied by a wellexperienced expert and anesthesia. Both surgical and nonsurgical treatment methods of  thyroid diseases are applied successfully with the support of nuclear medicine unit.

Anesthesia and Reanimation

In Private Batman Dünya Hospital, the operating rooms are equipped with modern anesthesia devices to let any type of surgery. They have all the necessary precautions for maximum safety and comfort of our patients and our staff. The patients who were followed up by taking recovery room after surgery, are taken to the intensive care and the floor accompanied by a nurse according to the decision of our anesthesia specialists. The follow-up of our patient in intensive care services is a multidisciplinary and have a team of experienced and trained and the modern technical infrastructure. In addition, is intervened quickly and in an organized manner to all patients by Code Blue Team in emergency situations with Code Blue System under the ladership of Our Anaesthesiology And Reanimation doctors.


In our orthopedic unit, the diagnosis and treatment services of musclebone diseases with neural origin, congenital anomalies, muscle tumors, hip, arthroscopic knee, joint replacements, shoulder and ankle injuries, sports injuries, trigger finger surgery, tendon repair and finger breaks, with the support of 24 -hour specialist physicians, radiology department and operating room staff, are all seen to on a daily basis.

Brain and Nerve Surgery

All examination and surgical procedures relating to brain, nerve and spinal cord are carried out using advanced techniques offered by modern medicine. Emergency surgery of heuadacine and spinal cord injuries with modern intensive care treatment; operations and anomalies of all childhood brain surgery; microscopic surgical treatment of waist and neck hernias and brain and spinal cord tumors are amongst the brain surgery services that offered by our hospital.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

In the outpatients services there is a Physical Therapy Clinic which provides the treatment of soft tissue diseases including neck hernia, disc hernia, curvature of the spine, arthritis, osteoporosis, joint-bone-muscle pains. Furthermore, the rehabilitation of paralysis restriction that develops following neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, parkinson, cerebral artery stroke or caused by head and spinal cord traumas (injuries); are treated under the leadership of our specialist physiotherapists and physical therapy practitioner in the center that equipped with modern technology. 


The follow – up and treatment of Vertigo, migraine, cerebrovascular diseases, movement disorders, muscle and nerve disorders, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, sleep disorders, dizziness, brain bleeding, partial paralysis, coma, and progressive stroke, are made in our intensive care units with equipped specialists and the latest technology. EMG in the diagnosis of neuropathy assessment, EEG examination in the diseases of the central system, are among the many of our services.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Obstetrics and Gynecology department of the Private Batman Dunya Hospital operates with a large staff of female doctors and with technological equipment. Our services include; family planning, the follow-up of menopause; fibroid surgery, ovarian cyst disease, caesarean, normal childbirth, princess childbirth (painless childbirth) and the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases are located. Obstetrics and Gynecology Department are serve our patients within our delivery room, inpatient floor and neonatal intensive care unit.

Pediatric Diseases

Accompanied by experienced health care staff in pediatric surgery, the neonatal intensive care unit is supported under the charge of our Pediatric experts. In addition to outpatient service, immediate intervention in A&E by our specialist physicians together with emergency physicians in the case of children.

Pediatric Surgery

Dunya Hospital provides a very comprehensive Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after Pediatric Surgery; an experienced staff of consultant doctors and health professionals within technologically equipped operating room conditions. In our clinic, surgical treatment of congenital and acquired anomalies in rib cage, respiratory, stomach, intestine, liver-biliary tract, reproductive and urinary tract are performed.

Nuclear Medicine

We produce technological solutions to the correct diagnosis. Through obtained images with Gamma camera, evaluation of whether the functions of organs are fullfill or not. The information which is obtained in this way has an important role in valuable diagnosis and treatments. MPS (myocardial perfusion scintigraphy), DTPA (Dynamic Renal Scintigraphy), DMSA (Static Renal Scintigraphy), RIT (Atom therapy) the treatment of toxic guatr Testicular-(undescended testes) MAG-3. Renal scintigraphy Parathyroid Parathyroid Adenomy Dakriyo-lacrimal (Eye) Vascular occlusion Thyroid-Goiter GER-Reflux Bone scintigraphy is also among our services.


In our unit equipped with modern instruments, almost all of radiological examinations are carried out in a fast and reliable environment; the results of investigation are given with high precision by our specialist team. In our unit, there are direct X-ray, computed X-ray, fluoroscopy, mammography, mobile X-ray, Bone Mineral Densitometry, 2-section CT, 1,5 Tesla closed and 0,2 Tesla open MRI instruments, ultrasound and color Doppler ultrasound instruments. In our unit, minimally invasive interventional procedures and organ biopsies can be done successfully by expert physicians in radiology.

Eye Disases

In addition to our examinations, in our eye clinics, cataract surgery is offered using Phaco; YAG laser therapy, argon laser glaucoma treatment, the treatment of lacrimal duct obstruction; eye tumors, the treatment of lazy eye are made using biometry and USG diagnosis and treatment methods in our eye clinics. Furthermore, the determination of refractive errors of children and adult patients at all ages and the treatment of eyeshift with medical and surgical methods are applied.


The Dermatology Outpatient Clinic of Dunya Hospital operates for diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. The treatment of hand-foot sweats, extraction of skin biopsies for diagnostic purposes, the treatment of acne traces and laser epilation are successfully implemented.

Ear Nose Throat

In our Ear, Nose and Throat Department - all procedures related to the ear such as holes in the eardrum and ear disease due to chronic inflammation are examined with a microscope and accompanied by experienced physicians and auxiliary health staff. Nose breathing problems, the treatment of diseases which causes deformity, are made with a c ombination of both functional and aesthetic purposes. Sinus diseases are treated with functional endoscopic sinus surgery technique in our modern endoscopy units. The treatment of diseases of nodules, polyps,etc. related chordae vocalis are successfully carried out with the help of a microscope in our Ear, Nose and Throat unit.

Plastic Surgery

In the Plastic Surgery unit of our hospital, the following plastic surgery operations which allow oneself to feel more happy, such as breast reduction surgery, breast prosthesis, silicone (breast augmentation), liposuction (degreasing), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), rhinoplasty (nose aesthetics), face lift, ear correction, blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics), brow lift, prominent ears, neck stretching sexual aesthetic; the surgery treatment of facial cuts, congenital anomalies (hare lip, cleft palate), malignant and benign tumors of the skin, hand anomalies, more fingers, burns and chronic wound diseases are treated with success through technical and artistic mastery.