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Plastic surgery is a surgical branch that works to ensure that an organ that has lost its functioning facial features is able to achieve an acceptable appearance and function after unwanted events such as infection, work and traffic accidents, burns. Beside this, plastic surgery deals with operations and initiatives to make the body image more beautiful and perfect. Plastic surgical operations usually benefit from their own tissues, artificial materials such as silicone are also used for repair if necessary. The aim of the plastic surgeon is to reshape the tissues according to the existing disorder and to give the individual the best aesthetic appearance and function.

Plastic surgery is not limited to any region or organ of the body, but can be applied to all parts of the body. It can be applied to patients of all age groups.

• Children; lip and palate clefts, buccal ears, deformities in the bones of the head, birthmarks, adhesions on the fingers, congenital abnormalities such as fingerprints,

• Youth; developmental disturbances such as breast absent, breast deformities, jaw deformities, nose deformities;

• In the middle and advanced ages, it deals with the problems that arise with the general effects of aging.

In general, plastic surgical operations are performed to remove any unwanted excess tissue from the body, which, in any case, leads to the repair of defects affecting the skin, subcutaneous, muscular and bone tissues throughout the body, the completion of missing tissues and organs, The goal is to ensure the function and aesthetic integrity of the body.

Nose Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Surgery

Morphological deformities of the nasal congenital or postnatal deformity can be corrected by rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose) surgery. Treatment of the problems related to respiratory problems, not just the shape, is relieved by rhinoplasty surgery. Aesthetic Nose Surgery; It also improves the nose aesthetically and protects the nose functions. People who are aware of the fact that surgery is a process that can remove the results of rhinoplasty is ready for aesthetic nose surgery. Aesthetic nose surgery can be done with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is the most preferred method of anesthesia for the comfort of the patient. Rhinoplasty surgery in the nose is one of the most difficult aesthetic surgeries in the world. It is necessary to choose a good physician who follows technological innovations and has aesthetic expertise.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Applications; With the techniques used today, the swelling and bruises that occurred after the surgery affected the patients' morale in the negative direction. In addition, challenging millimetric operations were performed for the success of aesthetic operation, but thanks to technological developments, these swelling and bruises are now back with Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty. Ultrasound rhinoplasty operation is seen as a new generation technology of aesthetic nose surgery because of both high successful aesthetic nose operations and patient comfort.

Breast Suture Surgery

Breast-stitching operation (mastopexy surgery) is an operation in which the surplus of skin is removed and reshaped and stitched to tighten the chest contour.  Breastfeeding is the operation of breasts that are applied to the breasts without infant breastfeeding, age-wise or genetic problems and loss of their frequency and shape. Breast augmentation does not change the size of the breast, or the rounded part. If you want to change your breast size or rounded parts clearly, you should get information about breast augmentation or breast reduction operations. It is recommended that you perform this operation by discussing these issues with your pre-operative aesthetic surgeon for women who are planning to have a baby with lactation, having a baby, or breastfeeding operations that do not affect their chest functions.

Breast Reduction Magnification Surgery

Some genetic problems, hormonal disturbances, or excessive weight gain in breastfeeding women can be small, large, or drooping compared to their body. Large breasts cause disturbances such as back pain, shoulder pain, posture disorders, or back pain, which we can not count. To avoid getting rid of these and other discomforts, you might consider not having a myrtle breast reduction surgery to reduce the chest weight and reduce the volume by taking excess fat tissue. One of the permanent methods used for breast augmentation surgery is a breast augmentation operation in which a prosthesis is placed. In addition, if the breast is both small and drooping, the breasts are enlarged with the breast prosthesis and the breasts are sewn at the same time. Breast Augmentation Operations are not an obstacle to pregnancy or breastfeeding, but it is advisable not to become pregnant for six months after surgery. After having a breast augmentation operation, other controls such as routine mammography may continue to be performed smoothly.

Bucket Ear Surgery

Bucket ear operation is usually done to correct the bucket condition or to reduce the size of the ear. This situation, which is the most troublesome in children who have just begun, is not congenital and does not occur due to a cause. However, this situation, which adversely affects children's psychology, needs to be intervened. Bucket Ear Surgery can be performed at any age.


Abdominal Tension Operation; especially for women who have developed a crack in the abdominal area, have given birth several times, and have weakened abdominal muscles. It is the most suitable operation among males from the treatment of cracks or fissures originating from weight loss. For women who plan to give birth, it is useful to plan Abdominoplasty surgery after birth. There are two types of Abdominoplasty Abdominoplasty, Abdominoplasty and Mini Abdominoplasty. People with overweight should lose weight as much as they can before this surgery. We prefer general anesthesia in abdominal stretch operations. In some cases, however, we prefer local anesthesia with pain relievers and sedatives.

Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

Eye - eyelid surgery is an eyelid aesthetic surgery which is frequently preferred because it can take a person 10 to 15 years ago. Genetic factors indicate that the baggage that occurs in eyelids that are caused by sleeplessness and tiredness or age is older and tired than the person who has bags. In such cases, aesthetic eyelid surgery is required. Eye-eyelid surgery can be combined with surgery supported by neck surgery, cheek surgery, facial stretching and brow lift operations. Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery can be performed under general anesthesia while upper eyelid surgery can be easily performed under local anesthesia. After eyelid aesthetic surgery, a person can return to normal life in five days. Women can make up.

Botilinium Toxin - Botox Application

Botox Applications are used to remove or lighten the glaring mimic lines along with aging. Botox application; It is a reliable and easy way to lighten goose legs, neck wrinkles, eyebrow lines and forehead lines. Botox Application; It is a painful and painless procedure which is injected with tiny needles into the muscles. It should be carried out by experienced doctors in the field of operation. In addition to the face region, botox application is also preferred for hand, foot, excessive threations and migraine pain. There is no age limit for application and it shows maximal effect within 15 days of application and total effect takes 6 months.

Face & Lipstick

Filling Injection Applications are the preferred medical aesthetic application for facial skin beautification applications, which can be applied with different solutions for almost every region. Deep wrinkles due to aging, defects in the face line are removed by filling application. Also, with Filling Application; thin lip, nasal region asymmetries and edge grooves, traces from deep wound, forehead region and jaw collapses are ideal for cheek bone procedures. Facial application is simple but careful and careful. This must be examined by specialist physicians before proceeding. It is normal to have swelling for a few days after the procedure.

PRP Plasma Application

PRP Plasma Platelet Application is the next generation skin rejuvenation application. In the PRP method, blood is taken from the patient and a whole serum is formed, and the obtained serum is rarely and widely excreted. The clotting cells in the serum formed in PRP Treatment multiply the substance between the cells and increase the formation of collagen. To improve wrinkles, restore shine and elasticity, and to speed up the restructuring of deeper wrinkles after hair styling. PRP Application; It is painless and takes about ten minutes. It is seen as a permanent and healthy shine on the skin. After approximately internal or four applications have been carried out, that is after a total curing process has been carried out, the parkiness increases and becomes apparent. The recommended PRP application is repeated once a year.

Mesotherapy Application

Mesotherapy Practice; It is made with a mixture of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that are injected into the skin by microinjection method and widely used in the treatment of facial skin applications, stains, skin and allergic disorders. Facial Mesotherapy - Mesolift is used for wrinkles and delayed aging treatments.Hair Mesotherapy Applications; male or female environmental, genetic or other factors can be applied to prevent hair loss. As a result, hair loss slows or stops, hair grows, volume increases, dandruff, itching disappears, and hair is revitalized. Effective results are obtained with Mesotherapy method in Cellulite Treatment. Microinjection method prevents the formation of new cellulite and removes the formed cellulite.